Centre Clark residency, Montreal, Canada.

Centre d’exposition Circa, Montreal, Canada.


Photo credit : Paul Litherland.


Photo credit : Paul Litherland.


Photo credit: Paul Litherland.



Grafite, water color, gouache on paper.

Dimensions: 34 cm x 34 cm.

The project is inspired by the use of shadows in architecture drawings and an Italian technique of architectural decoration called sgraffito. Using a process of scratching, this technique allowed the light to be absorbed into the surface of a building. Inspired from the sgraffito method, I created a series of drawings fixed perpendicularly to the wall (letting light passing through both sides of the paper).

Depending of the time of the day or the night, the drawings (and the narration) change according to the presence of light and darkness. It will reveal or eclipse an illusion like a very slow movement-image.