Sation21, Zurich, Switzerland.




Textile, steel and projection.

Animation (duration 2:50 minutes)

In Passages of Wandering Amélie Brisson-Darveau draws together research on C.G. Jung’s notes of dreams about wandering, film noir and Guilio Camillo’s theatre of memory to create shadows wandering through a stop-motion animation projected into a mini-scenery. Her insistence on notion of imprints of light onto our sense-organs leaving an autonomous impression haunting our dreams (Aristotle), contracts different timeimages, their ephemeral passing and perception onto the projection screen. Homelands of perceived and felt situations become ‘dreamlands’ flitting across the screen. Shadows, a crucial figure in Brisson-Darveau’s work, are the other side of perception, not imagination or a haunting per se, but part of the same reality without any mystification – their presence enables belonging. The movement of shadows, their contours and wanderin leave the territorial sphere of attachment behind progressing toward an incorporeal belonging. In creating a space in movement Passages of Wandering condense the partitioning of memory, perception and reflection into an immanent and immediate shock traversing things and thoughts. Instead of being a representation of research material the animation creates a kind of “immediation” where the movement of bare activity opens toward perceptual experimentation across the space-time of sensing bodies.

Text from: Christoph Brunner



Textile, acier et projecteur.

Animation (durée 2 minutes 50 secondes).

Ce projet prend le « rêve » comme point de départ pour questionner le concept de « belonging » et parler en terme de mouvement. J’utilise un jeu d’ombre et de lumière pour créer des relations entre l’idée d’absence-présence, de technologies (notamment cinéma, programmation informatique), de rêve. L’animaton-installation est basée sur mes recherches à partir d’un rêve de Carl Gustav Jung (inscrit dans le Livre Rouge), du Théâtre de la mémoire de Guilio Camilio et des films noirs.