Stromereien Performance Festival, Zurich, Switzerland.

Tyvek, sewing accessories, publication (Graphic Design : Piero Glina).


Fil Conducteur is a theatre of disappearance, where the city becomes a proposition for scenography and scenario of disappearance through an extensive process of cutting, assembling, layering and synchronizing. With this method, I play with the simultaneous emerging and disappearing of urban dynamics between architecture, composition of movements and materials. It is a strategy of fading in order to propose alternative relations to our milieu other than current valorizations of the clear and distinct.  Google-maps is an example where the available information erases your chance of encounter when you’re navigating in the city.


Detail of the publication-sewing pattern (Graphic Design : Piero Glina)

The sewing pattern-map is a tool; it can be used as a pathfinder and a matrix. On the page of the map of Zurich, one can find indication about the location of the interventions through sewing “Matching symbols”. One can also see a sewing pattern for an overall-uniform. A usable human scale sewing pattern. It is a one-piece suit uniform composed by tracing the city’s streets on the map of Zurich. The instruction for assembling are presented on the other pages of the document.


photo credit: Cora Piantoni


photo credit: Cora Piantoni


photo credit: Cora Piantoni




photo credit: Christoph Brunner

The action in the city takes place during the entire week of the festival. Each day I tailor and sew suits, for elements of the architecture, objects, persons of the city. At night, I cover/uncover the elements. This process allows me to compose a non-linear scenario/narration/intrigue of disappearance. The sewing patterns of the uniforms are tailored based on maps and geo-information. Geo-information is the spatial data reproducing the characteristics of a territory.  Having a very influential impact in our everyday life, they are used to take decisions, plan and measure in several domains. How to play with geo-information as a camouflage (through lines instead of motif), instead reinforcing its informative/revealing uses?


Detail of the wardrobe of the city.

The wardrobe, is the place where I bring the suits tailored during the performance when they are not used for covering. The ION space becomes a form of wardrobe for the potential disappearing of the city.


Detail of the action through Google Earth.

Throughout the festival, a way to have a view -or an overview- on the development of the theatre of disappearance is through Google Earth. Instead of providing information about the location of restaurants, gas stations, street names for getting directions, custom images for trip planning, we can find images from the “city-scenography”.